Embroidered 3D Bags and Holdalls


If you are looking for Embroidered 3D Bags and Holdalls you have come to the right place !!

We embroider thousands of Bags and Holdalls every year with a variety of designs.

Why not give us a call on 01202 571210 or email sales@merox.co.uk to see how we can help you.

We can supply any make of Bags or Holdalls or we can embroider on your supplied Bags or Holdalls.

Here is our top selling selection of Bags and Holdalls .....

Merox/Embroidered 3D Bags/BG21 Messenger Bag

BG21 Messenger Bag

Merox/Embroidered 3D Bags/QD610 Messenger Bag

QD610 Messenger Bag

Merox/Embroidered 3D Bags/BG125 Rucksack

BG125 Rucksack

Merox/Embroidered 3D Bags/SH1788 Rucksack

SH1788 Rucksack

Merox/Embroidered 3D Bags/QS270 Holdall Bag

QS270 Holdall Bag

Merox/Embroidered 3D Bags/BG572 Holdall Bag

BG572 Holdall Bag