Embroidered T-shirts


If you are looking for Embroidered T-Shirts you have come to the right place !!

We embroider thousands of T-shirts every year with a variety of designs.

Why not give us a call on 01202 571210 or email sales@merox.co.uk to see how we can help you.

We can supply any make of T-Shirts or we can embroider on your supplied T-Shirts.

Here is our top selling selection of T-shirts .....


Merox/Embroidered T Shirts/BA190 T-shirt

BA190 T-shirt

Merox/Embroidered T Shirts/Gildan 64000 T-shirt

Gildan 64000 T-shirt

Merox/Embroidered T Shirts/Gildan 5000 T-shirt

Gildan 5000 T-shirt

Merox/Embroidered T Shirts/Fruit of the loom SS40m Ringer T-shirt

SS40m Ringer T-shirt

Merox/Embroidered T Shirts/Fruit of the loom SS18m Vest T-shirt

SS18m Vest T-shirt

Merox/Embroidered T Shirts/Ladies Fruit of the loom SS89m  T-shirt

SS89m Ladies vest t-shirt